SMEs Pedals To Hit Metal With JC Decaux Accelerator

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The Retail Times reports that outdoor advertising company JC Decaux is teaming up with the crowdfunding industry to find the UK’s “100 hottest start-ups to accelerate their growth curve”. While this platform is not directly involved, we welcome the initiative. The digital word is spreading fast, but mainstream advertising is still a very important tool in facilitating growth.

“Nurture, JCDecaux’s new division, is working with Crowdfunder [a general crowdfunding platform] to find start-up businesses who want to grow, to help them market their brand or product with an exclusive support package – and the chance to win a specially designed advertising campaign for their needs.

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“For start-up businesses who fund their media budgets on Crowdfunder, Nurture will provide a marketing and design mentoring service and match funding enabling them to potentially double the value of their campaign.

“They will also give tech start up businesses, which launch crowdfunding campaigns to fund their media spend by 30 November, the opportunity to win their own bespoke outdoor poster campaign. “The winning start-up will be the project with the most amount of backers for their crowdfund.

“The “Grow” campaign which targets start-up and SMEs – kicks off with an outdoor advertising campaign which rolls out this week, designed to encourage UK start-ups and SMEs to register their interest at, as well as highlight the power of outdoor advertising campaigns to the start-up market.

“The series of posters will run over the coming months and will feature the line ‘Your time is now’ as well as an integrated online campaign on Crowdfunder.

“Maria Clarke said: ‘JCDecaux was founded on entrepreneurialism – it’s in our DNA. Nuture, our new division, is passionate about helping scale start-ups by putting brands in front of potential consumers whilst they are out of home and most alert. This partnership with Crowdfunder is truly pioneering and we believe it will help give hundreds of future-facing start-ups the help they need to become successful brands.’”


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