Money&Co. matches businesses seeking loans with people looking to raise capital and support British business.

" Dealing with the banks was frustrating. We're a family owned business with a 34 year track record, making £ 1m a year profit, so never expected to have a loan refused. Luckily we found another way. "

Robert Oakley
Borrowed £1,000,000 after the banks had turned him down

Introducing our new
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How does borrowing work with Money&Co.?
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Apply for your loan from Money&Co by filling in the simple application form. You pay £50 to submit your application.


Get Listed

You write a pitch to put on the site for our lenders to see. When the pitch has been approved, the loan will go live.


Wait To Hear From Us

We check your business's finances. If we approve your application, we'll give your business a risk rating (A+, A, B+, B or C+). A+ denotes the lowest risk. The lower your risk, the lower your interest rate is likely to be.


Go To Auction

In the auction, lenders decide which businesses they want to lend to and at what interest rate. The minimum they can lend is £10. If a loan reaches 100% funding, further bids will knock out higher interest rates, lowering the overall cost of the loan.


Receive An Offer

When the auction closes, you decide whether or not to accept the offer. Only 100%-funded loans receive an offer. There's an arrangement fee of 1.5-5% (variable according to the amount loaned, length of the loan, etc.). See FAQs for more details.

Borrowers need

Three years' filed accounts
Minimum turnover of £100,000
Profitability in the last full financial year
Good cash generation
UK ltd company or LLP status

Case Study: Mar-key Marquees

Having achieved A-grade status as a result of Money&Co.'s rigorous credit analysis, Mar-Key is seeking £850,000 to facilitate long-term growth and gain more contracts with Blue Chip companies.

"Mar-Key Group is a manufacturer and installer of large structure Marquees for major events, weddings and industrial structures. We also manufacture small marquees for hire or resale. Mar-Key is a privately owned company based in Dorset and has current contracts worth £2.1 million per annum most of which are for between 3-5 years.

The company achieved strong growth in 2013-4 and won a major new 5-year contract with Ascot Racecourse, entailing the manufacture of a large 2-tier marquee. It has had to invest considerable funds from its cash flow to manufacture such structures which will be highly profitable over the 5 years of the contract. A loan from Money&Co. will allow us to continue to take on large-scale projects, funding them in the short-term but reaping the rewards over the course of the contracts."



Frequently Asked Questions About Borrowing

Can I be a borrower?

Yes. Here's the practical process: You can apply for loans through us. We will check your company's finances and if we think it is creditworthy, we will give it a risk rating. Our experienced team of credit analysts assesses businesses, backed by a powerful system to help us do it quickly and fairly.

What are the risks of being a borrower?

When you borrow money you're staking your reputation, the goodwill of your business, and its main assets. Loans from Money&Co. lenders will always be secured by a debenture over the assets of the business. In some cases, borrowers may also be asked to give personal guarantees for loans. You may also want to offer security, if it is available, over land and buildings. This may improve your risk rating, make lenders more comfortable lending to you, and lower your overall interest rate.

How do I, as a borrower, make a pitch?

You have the opportunity to set out the attractions of your business proposition in writing and - if you apply for a more expensive Premium Listing - on video. Once you've been through the process of stating how much you want, how you plan to apply the money to the business, etc, you will have the opportunity to write a business profile, and to make a video, which we'll host on the Money&Co. website. The video pitch can be an especially effective tool - an opportunity for potential lenders to see who you are, and for you to talk about your business, and explain what will happen to the monies from the loan.

How long will it take to raise a loan through Money&Co.?

Once you've been through the application process, and set up a business profile, complete with video (if you go for the Premium Listing option), your offer will be listed in the auction. The application and listing process should take no more than three working days. Auction periods typically last for up to 14 days, unless you decide to complete it early in the event that the total amount of the loan has been raised and you are happy with the average rate of interest your business will need to pay. After the auction period is over, there is a four-week period during which loan documentation needs to be completed. There may also be a requirement to have a valuation done over any land and buildings, if offered as security. The time taken will therefore be a little longer if your loan requires security (in most cases, 'security' means a mortgage on a piece of real estate).

Businesses Successfully Funded By Money&Co. Lenders Include:

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