Loan Book Report

Historic return rates since inception as at 31st March 2023.

Risk Rating Portfolio Weight Weighted Average Net AER Weighted Average Expected Net AER Interest Losses* Expected Interest Losses* Capital Losses
A+ 11.68% 7.04% 7.04% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
A 76.45% 5.84% 7.61% 26.26% 2.83% 0.00%
B+ 6.97% 6.96% 6.96% 4.17% 4.17% 7.47%
B 4.77% 7.50% 7.79% 9.12% 6.04% 6.28%
C+ 0.13% 14.99% 14.99% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
Weighted Average AER 6.25% Total Capital Loss 0.82%
Weighted Average Expected AER 7.49% Annualised Capital Loss 0.09%
AER with no losses 7.75%

* Interest Losses expressed as a percentage of interest due

Interest is calculated net of fees and net of interest and capital losses.

Expected Interest Losses and Expected AER are calculated as at the beginning of 2022 after a portion of interest losses are recovered from defaulted loans. We have high value security on several loans and expect to recover a significant portion of losses by January 2022. Losses as a result of not being able to reinvest interest are still included in this calculation.

These figures indicate the performance of the Money&Co. loan book so far. We are now focusing more on providing A and A+ rated loans which have good security, and therefore the figures shown above may be liable to change in future.


  • Average returns are weighted by principal and duration on the platform
  • AER assumes that income is reinvested
  • Loans are classified as being in default if the borrower is past the contractual payment due date by more than 90 days, in line with the FCA definition.
  • Loans that have not defaulted are assumed to have made all repayments on their due date
  • All interest (including future interest) and capital from bad debts is assumed as being non-recoverable


Why are returns calculated using AER?

The AER is the standard measure of calculating yields in the bond market. AER considers the frequency of repayment and investors’ ability to reinvest interest.

Will I earn the Weighted Average Net AER if I lend through Money&Co.?

While the AER indicates the performance of our loan book so far, you should not assume that you will achieve this rate. Your returns will depend on the loans you hold in your portfolio and how often you reinvest your income, as well as the loans that Money&Co. selects for future auctions.

Does Money&Co. take a fee?

Money&Co. charges a 1% repayment fee. The figures above are calculated net of fees. There is also a 0.25% Secondary Market fee on loans sold.