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Going, Going… A-Rated, 7% Yield Loan Offer Latest

The latest £77,600 loan offering, yielding seven per cent and risk-rated A, is now 13 per cent funded. The lender is seeking to fund claims for financial mis-selling. The term of the loan is 15 months. Below are some details from the borrower’s pitch – as ever, we’ve done due diligence but cannot warrant or guarantee the truth of the representations. For full detail, register or log in here. NSL operate as a claim management/litigation firm assisting clients in a number of areas including financial advice and mis-selling. If a financial advisor has been negligent or if a client has …

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Non-Fungible Tokens Explored – And (Partially) Explained

Martin Baker, award-winning journalist and head of communications at Money&Co., looks at Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The lunatic with the loudest voice in the asylum at the time of writing is undoubtedly the NFT. Artist Damien Hirst is set to enter the NFT world with much-heralded plans to sell 10,000 artworks tied to corresponding NFTs. The launch is entitled “The Currency Project”, in case you didn’t get the joke, and is being released on a new technology called Palm, connected to the Ethereum blockchain network whose native cryptocurrency is Ether, the second-biggest cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin. An NFT can manifest itself in …

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