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A-Rated Litigation Offer Yielding 8% Is Going Fast

It’s out there – but not for much longer – because it’s going fast. Our latest tranche of loan offering is rated A by Money&Co.’s credit committee. The yield is eight per cent, and the term is twelve months. Here’s a detail of the credit note, which can be fully accessed by logging in. At the time of writing, the offer is 70 per cent filled. The firm has recently been acquired by the Corporate Guarantor in this transaction as the concluding part of a vertical integration strategy targeting bulk civil litigation claims. There are four variables in the claims …

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Central Authorities And Their Attempts To Create Crypto Lookalikes

Central banks and their governments are involved in a giant evasion tactic. The thinking is universal, and simple: to persuade investors that central bank-run digital coins, be they central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), or “stablecoins’, are really some sort fo substitute for genuine cryptos. They are not. What investors get is a form of digital bank account run by central banks. The accounts have a superficial similarity to a cryptocurrency, but are in fact totally transparent – and do not benefit from an independent algorithm asa controlling factor. Recent moves show the central bankers’ attempts to pull the wool over …

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