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Value Stores, DeFi – And Pitfalls Ahead

Here’s the latest set of prognostications from our friends at Crowdfundinsider. As we’ve already pointed out, we believe 2021 will be the year of the digital token. A major sideshow will be Decentralised Finance (DeFi) which we find, frankly, difficult to understand… Bitcoin to Be Used More Often As Store of Value While other digital currencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Bitcoin SV (BSV) allow investors to diversify their investment portfolios, these assets have not proven to be legitimate alternatives or options when it comes to serving as a reliable long-term store-of-value (SoV). Only BTC, which has the world’s …

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We Try To Spy Out The Key FinTech Trend For 2021

Today is the final day of the prediction season for 2021. The prognostications we’ve seen are pretty standard. We agree with most of them – although of course the majority never really achieves much more than a mediocre consensus: There will be more digitisation of financial services. Mainstream banks are already following the lead of digital newcomer banks, and this trend will continue. There’ll be more acquisitions and mergers in the Fintech sector, a function of the struggle for competitive advantage. SMEs will seek more and more funding from digital sources – be they challenger banks or the digital arms …

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