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Cryptos And Digital Tokens Are Re-Shaping Financial Universe

The financial universe is shifting shape. And it matters. This change is something we report on regularly in our News section. The advent of cryptocurrencies and digital tokens will change the systems by which we exchange value, and ultimately what we think of as money. All this of course has huge political impact. At the moment, central governments control currencies (fiat currencies) and their money supply. If groups of individuals take on this function by means of a shared-ledger technology, central governments lose control – and income. It’s impossible to tax something that you can’t audit. There’s much hostility and …

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Bitcoin, Central Bank Digital Currencies And Cryptos: The Battle Begins

The financial world is in a state of flux. For once, the Pandemic is neither an effect and only arguably a cause. Digital currencies – cryptos – are on the march again. The simple fact remains that with the resurgence of Bitcoin – now approaching its highs of December 2107 – traditional monetary systems are being challenged once more. The challenge is fundamental – it extends to what we understand by the concept of money. We report on cryptos regularly in our news section. Here’s an extract from a report here a couple of weeks ago: Central banks around the …

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