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Spreading Investment Helps Limit Risk: Here’s How

Today, we revisit a timeless classic of our repository of investment wisdom: the benefit of spreading risk. Conveniently enough, we have an investment product that facilitates just such an outcome. Diversification in your loan portfolio We run an excerpt from an earlier, home-grown piece here in News on the benefits of diversification. Clients of the Money&Co Portfolio Service have access to loans with a typical fixed return of 7%, without the need to manage a portfolio of loans. You will receive a quarterly statement with detail of what is held in the portfolio and all transactions during the quarter. Money&Co. …

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Lending Club Closes A Chapter, Markets Turn A Page

And so it has come to pass. We’ve long kept a weather eye on the difficult journey of Lending Club, the leading direct lender in the US FinTech sector, since its flotation on the New York Stock Exchange in December 2014. We’ve reported several times in News and in our Blog section. Now, Lending Club is effectively left the peer-to-peer (P2P) lending sector. The scepticism evident in the blog by our director of communications back then, a column also featured in City A.M., seems to have been well founded. Concerns over valuation (and the short-termism of some of the investment …

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