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Digital Economy Spies Out COADEC Way Forward

Looking at the digital economy and what is still referred to (though surely not for much longer) as alternative finance, it seems that a clear way forward is emerging. It will have emerged when alternative finance is no longer seen as alternative, but simply a variation of the mainstream. Our friends at Altfi run a piece on the Coalition for a Digital Economy, and where we’re going next: In February 2021, the FCA published the long-awaited Woolard Review, promising to impose more stringent restrictions on the largely unregulated sector, however, there are fears among some industry specialists that the regulation …

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Serious Business: The Benefits And Dangers As Society Rethinks Money

Our head of content and communications opines on the nature of digital money, specifically cryptocurrencies, and its place in – and threat to – the modern nation state. Here’s an extract of his recent article in Byline Times. Rethinking the nature of money is serious stuff. It is, in effect, the re-examination of a concept of value exchange that’s been central to society, certainly every mercantile culture, for thousands of years – from Pacific conch shells, to gold, promissory notes and credit cards. It’s my contention that, for good or for ill, there is a clear and present threat to …

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